{photo by my friend and roommate Jess}

My name is Debbie (technically "Hannah Debbie," but no one has ever called me Hannah). I am 21 years old.
I dream of living by the beach and writing in quirky coffee shops.
I like art because I am obsessed with anything beautiful. I like art so much, in fact, that a friend and I started this project. Blog is here.
Puppies make life worth living.
I prefer peanut butter & jelly to grown up food, any day.
If I could take a year to travel the world, I totally would.

Funny tidbit: English is not my first language, but it is the only language I have ever been able to write in (although perhaps badly so).

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  1. 1. I love your illustrations. I wish I had some kind of artistic talent.
    2. Now I'm curious: What was your first language?

    1. ah thanks so much!

      first language was technically Hebrew, but really Spanish...I've had a weird life.